Lithonia Town Center Blueprints Report (2011)

Click on the link below for the City Of Lithonia Website
Click citylithoniadotorg

The City of Lithonia worked in partnership with the Georgia Conservancy and Georgia Tech to determine revitalization options for our historic town. Lithonia, which means “city of stone”, is located in eastern DeKalb County within the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. It is connected to natural amenities through the PATH Trail, and has a rich African-American history. The report provides recommendations and strategies that build on existing assets and opportunities with a focus on tactical urbanism (immediate actions), plaza revitalization, and long-term redevelopment.  We invite you to explore the possibilities! 

View Report: Part 1 Introduction | Part 2 Tactical Urbanism | Part 3 Plaza Revitalization | Part 4 Long-Term Redevelopment | Part 5 Recommendations

Click on each link below to see more Town Center Blueprints.


Tactical Urbanism Plaza


Long Term Redevelopment


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